March 5, 2010


Clare Sullivan, T.C.R.G. and champion dancer, has been teaching the art of traditional Irish dance for over 25 years. The school has been licensed by the Commission of Irish Dance in Ireland since 1986.

Our mission:

Our mission is to combine the intricate footwork of Irish dance with child development and Irish culture. We believe that teaching the concepts of motivation, discipline, teamwork, and self-determination nurture a child’s ability to perform in all facets of life. Sullivan School dancers come in many shapes, sizes, and skill levels; and, whether beginner or champion, each individual dancer is a valued member of our family.

Students learn reels, jigs, slip jigs, and hornpipes in both individual and group dances. We prepare for competitions and provide numerous opportunities for public performance.

In addition to the aerobic and mental exercise, students are exposed to Irish culture and take a “wee bit of Ireland” home every week.


Irish Dance classes are offered for all ages and ability levels with new students accepted in September and January. Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from September to June in Newton and Watertown, MA. To register for classes, email us or call Clare at 617-763-0903. Tuition is by semester.

What to expect:

Classes are grouped by ability. Every week, students receive either an isolated technique or an entire step to practice. The expectation is that students practice during the week and come prepared for the next lesson. Sullivan dancers have a lot of fun AND are expected to treat new dance steps as homework. Perfection is not a requirement, but practicing helps children develop their skills, remember steps, and keep up with the class.

Parents may drop their children off for class. Beginner parents are encouraged to return for the last 15 minutes of the lesson to see their children’s progress.

Attire Requirements:

Sullivan dancers wear ballet or Irish dance shoes. Girls wear shorts, t-shirts, and dance socks; boys wear shorts, t-shirts, and socks. Hair must be pulled back securely.

All students must bring a water bottle and a 3-ring binder to class. New students will receive handouts describing required gear and practice music as the initial weeks progress.

Studio Locations:

We offer classes in two locations. See the Class Schedule for offerings at each studio.

Newton studio:
Paulette’s Ballet Studio
190 Oak Street
Newton, MA

Watertown studio:
Sons of Italy
520 Pleasant Street
Watertown, MA